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Every case is different, and the outcome of past cases has nothing to do with the outcome of future cases. However, many potential clients would like to know what The Walker Law Firm has been able to accomplish in the past.  No lawyer can guarantee results; to do so violates legal ethics rules.  The Walker Law Firm has consistently obtained charge reductions and the minimum sentence allowed under the law for our clients.  You can read some of our client testimonials below.

I contacted several law firms when I was charged with reckless driving.  The first thing I heard from the first firms was that I was going to jail for up to a year, I was going to be fined up to $2,500.00 and I was going to lose my license for up to a year.  I was told these things before I was able to explain anything about my actual behavior.  That all changed when I spoke to Mr. Walker.  He actually listened to my situation and then explained what he could do for me.  When he was done, he had answered all the questions and explained a realistic outcome for my case.  While others were telling me I was going to jail, Mr. Walker told me that he had a good chance of getting my charge reduced given my clean driving record.  When it was all said and done, Mr. Walker got my reckless driving charge reduced to a simple traffic infraction with a fine of $100.00.

                                                                                    -  J.L.

My driving record is not the best as I tend to have a lead foot.  I have used the Walker Law Firm on several occasions.  When other lawyers tell me there is nothing they can do for me, Mr. Walker has consistently found a way to reduce my charges.  The Walker Law Firm is the only reason I have a valid license.  As we entered the courthouse it was clear all the deputies and officers knew Mr. Walker.  Every single deputy and officer we passed either patted Mr. Walker on the back or shook his hand.  It was clear that he worked with these people all the time and that they all liked him.

                                                                                     - D. M.

Late one night I was rushing home on Route 7, west of town.  There were no cars on the road and I was certainly speeding.  When I saw the deputies lights, I knew I was in trouble.  I was not paying attention to my actual speed and was told I was going 96 mph in a 55 mph zone.  After looking online for a lawyer I called multiple firms.  The answer was the same every time…I was going to jail and unless I paid them thousands of dollars I was facing serious jail time with a large fine and a loss of license.  Then I called Mr. Walker.  He could make no guarantees other than that he would do all he could to help me out.  I did exactly what he told me to do.  When we went to court Mr. Walker was able to work out a deal where I did not lose my license or go to jail.  I am very happy with the Walker Law Firm.

                                                                                     - J. C.

I was late for work one day and was going a little faster than normal.  I did not realize it, but I was flying through a school zone and was charged with reckless driving.  Everyone I talked to told me that I was in deep trouble because it was in a school zone.  I almost did not call The Walker Law Firm, but I am glad I did.  Mr. Walker took care of everything and I was able to escape with a reduced charge of simple speeding.

                                                                                     - Z. M.

My job requires me to have certain security clearances.  I was obviously very concerned when I was charged with reckless driving, which is a class one misdemeanor in Virginia.  I was simply keeping up with the flow of traffic, at least I thought I was, but the deputy did not want to listen to me at all.  I was very impressed by my conversation with Mr. Walker.  It was clear he had worked with the deputy who pulled me over before and I was very comfortable with his representation.  He was able to get my charged reduced to a simple speeding and I was able to get out of the situation without having to contact my boss.

                                                                                     - R. M.


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