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Every case is different and the outcome of past cases has nothing to do with the outcome of future cases. However, many potential clients would like to know what The Walker Law Firm has been able to accomplish in the past.  The results of each case depend on the unique circumstances of each case.  No lawyer can guarantee results; to do so violates legal ethics rules.  The Walker Law Firm has consistently obtained charge reductions and the minimum sentence allowed under the law for our clients. 

The following is a list of results The Walker Law Firm has achieved for its clients in the past. 


K.H. was charged with 2 counts of Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Possession of Cocaine.  K.H. faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 12 months just for the Assault charges.  K.H. was also on probation at the time he was charged and had 15 years suspended time over his head.  The officer pursued K.H. on foot, and the pursuit ended after K.H. and the officer got into a fight and other officers arrived on scene to assist.  When it was over, the officer had to miss work because of the injuries caused by K.H.

The Walker Law Firm was able to get all charges dismissed and K.H. suffered no convictions.  The Firm was able to get the charges dismissed as the officer violated K.H.’s rights by conducting an illegal search of his person.  Without The Walker Law Firm’s knowledge of 4th Amendment search and seizure law, K.H. would have faced serious jail time.


J.W. was charged with possession of Oxycodone, which, if he was found guilty, carries a 12 month licenses suspension, mandatory substance abuse counseling, and up to 10 years in prison.

The Walker Law Firm was able to get all charges dismissed.  After a hearing in front of a Circuit Court Judge, it was determined that the officer violated J.W.’s rights against unreasonable search and seizure of his person.  J.W. did no active time on the charge.

About two years later, J.W. picked up a charge for Domestic Violence.  The Walker Law Firm was able to get the charge completely dropped.


B.W. was suspected of selling a massive quantity of drugs out of his home.  After a search was conducted, the Commonwealth charged B.W. with 4 counts of possession of a firearm after having been convicted of a felony, 2 counts of distribution of cocaine, 1 count a distribution of marijuana, and simultaneous possession of guns and drugs.  B.W. was facing well over a hundred years, with the possibility of a twenty-five year mandatory minimum sentence for the gun charges alone.

The Walker Law Firm was able to get 3 of the possession of firearm charges dropped.  We were also able to get the distribution of marijuana dropped.  After arguments to the Judge about the appropriate sentence, The Walker Law Firm was able to get B.W. sentenced to 2 years 6 months active time, none of which was mandatory minimum time.  We were able to point out mistakes in the charging documents which saved B.W. years of incarceration.

J.T. was charged with Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.  The Walker Law Firm took his case to a jury and J.T. was found “Not Guilty.”

D.R. was charged with two felonies, DUI 3rd, and Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.  The DUI 3rd charge carried a minimum of 90 days in jail while the Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer carried 6 months minimum.

The Walker Law Firm was able to get both felonies reduced to misdemeanors with a total of 6 months active time.  This client avoided even the minimum punishment, got out of the felony convictions and the years of probation that comes with felony convictions.  He was able to get approved for work release so he could provide for his family while he was incarcerated.

H.P. was charged with Reckless Driving by going 96 mph in a 65 zone, DUI, and possession of Marijuana.

The Walker Law Firm was able to get the DUI and possession of Marijuana dropped and the client only walked away with a reckless driving conviction and 5 days active time with no time suspended.  This client avoided the 6 month license suspension for the drug possession and the 12 month license suspension for the DUI charges.  This client also got out of the ASAP classes required for a DUI conviction and substance abuse counseling required for a possession charge.   



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